Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Upside down building

Orlando, Florida - Wonderworks

Additional Attraction was built in Orlando, Florida, on International Drive. It was the [Wonderworks] an upside down building. The building is created to look like a building uprooted by a tornado and planted upside down in the middle of the block. It's apparently going to be a walk-through with Guiness/Ripley style illusions and whatnot.

The Orlando Wonder Works was built in 1998 to look like an upside-down building, complete with inverted palm trees. The story goes that a top-secret laboratory, located in the Bermuda Triangle, was carried by a tornado to this spot. It was built to appear to have landed on a 1930s brick warehouse. Wonder Works' interactive exhibits combine science with thrills and entertainment. The inside of the building is built to look upside-down as well.

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