Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Orlando, Florida tourist district

The Sports Dominator is Central Florida's premier sporting goods headquarters. It features a vast product selection from all major sports categories. It is located just right in the road in tourist district next to Ripley's believe it or not building.

The Orlando Odditorium appears to be sinking into one of Florida's infamous sinkholes. For over 40 years, Robert Ripley-- the modern Marco Polo and the real-life Indiana Jones-- traveled the world collecting the unbelievable, the inexplicable, the one-of-a-kind. All of it amazing and much of it extremely amusing. His collection is housed in over 27 museums in 10 countries. Each museum’s collection is 90% unique and different. As Ripley’s ghost says ..."Come in... look around... and see if you Believe It or Not!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Upside down building

Orlando, Florida - Wonderworks

Additional Attraction was built in Orlando, Florida, on International Drive. It was the [Wonderworks] an upside down building. The building is created to look like a building uprooted by a tornado and planted upside down in the middle of the block. It's apparently going to be a walk-through with Guiness/Ripley style illusions and whatnot.

The Orlando Wonder Works was built in 1998 to look like an upside-down building, complete with inverted palm trees. The story goes that a top-secret laboratory, located in the Bermuda Triangle, was carried by a tornado to this spot. It was built to appear to have landed on a 1930s brick warehouse. Wonder Works' interactive exhibits combine science with thrills and entertainment. The inside of the building is built to look upside-down as well.